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Binding Case Books
Fully Automatic Case Book binding machine . Model FD-AFM450A. It automatically feed and glue paper. deliver and positions cardboard. and fold four sides in one process accurate and quick positioning. Used to make hardcovers. notebook covers desk calendars. hanging calendars. book-type boxes. files etc.  Speed up to 30 pcs/min . Excellant condition. $38,000.
Contact  Frank LaCaria  at 905 264-6006 or email 
PräForm Bookbinding Book press and joint-setting machine. A machine to press books after casing-in, setting the joint at the same time. It is especially designed to be used together with the PräLeg casing-in machine and processes single books as well as series of books. Book sizes:Book height:  100 - 520 mmBook width: 120 - 450 mm Book thickness: 6,5 - 100 mm Output: 150 pcs/h. Price $9500 or best offer. Call Frank LaCaria at 905 905 264-6006 or email 
 PräLeg Schmedt Casing-in machine. Model HHS 1805. Casing-in of books with PräLeg . Appling the glue film thin and even onto the end-papers of the book-block.  Adjusted by the controls om the touchscreen. Block sizes: Block thickness: approx. 2 - 80 mm Block width: 110 - 450 mm Block height: as of 80 mm. Space requirement: 85 x 80 cm Height: 157 cm. Price is $9500 or best offer. Call Contact Frank LaCaria at 905 905 264-6006 or email 
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