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Binding Case Books
PräForm Bookbinding Book press and joint-setting machine. A machine to press books after casing-in, setting the joint at the same time. It is especially designed to be used together with the PräLeg casing-in machine and processes single books as well as series of books. Book sizes:Book height:  100 - 520 mmBook width: 120 - 450 mm Book thickness: 6,5 - 100 mm Output: 150 pcs/h. Price $9500 or best offer. Call Frank LaCaria at 905 905 264-6006 or email 
 PräLeg Schmedt Casing-in machine. Model HHS 1805. Casing-in of books with PräLeg . Appling the glue film thin and even onto the end-papers of the book-block.  Adjusted by the controls om the touchscreen. Block sizes: Block thickness: approx. 2 - 80 mm Block width: 110 - 450 mm Block height: as of 80 mm. Space requirement: 85 x 80 cm Height: 157 cm. Price is $9500 or best offer. Call Contact Frank LaCaria at 905 905 264-6006 or email 
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